One Last Announcement Post

First off because this is going to be posted on RoyalRoad and WordPress. I just like to say thank you to readers on both. I realize that none of this is the best written story or series out there, yet for some reason that I can only attribute to curiosity or boredom, you stuck around. It was my story to tell, and I do want to continue the project, I need to change some things and go on radio silence again for a while. You are unlikely to get anything knew as I just really started getting into writing the next book titled Eroden.

Okay, so I left all my thoughts for all the short stories so I could say something about them in one big post and I have to say all of them, I wish I had more time on it all.

Look, the shorter the story, the more issue I have with writing things short. Espen was kind of the easiest to write. Reflections had too many iterations it feels that I lost focus, and The Sun and Stars feel like I only wrote it for Kiao to talk to her parents. Which, less face it, that why I wrote it. However, they all needed to exist could move forward. There is a really big time gap coming up and I felt I had to have something to supplement it a little.

However, before the next novel, I’m going to be editing everything as mentioned. Example, do you know that Mien’s name was supposed to be spelled Mein. I had a major dyslexic moment and just started spelling it Mien. That isn’t the only misspelling that continued onward. It’s easier to fix on story than the than in the whole of the series.

Edict will be next getting a full 4.0 edit this time. I want to do both of those by the end of the year. And I will be quietly working on Eroden. So that means you won’t hear from me for a while. That doesn’t mean I won’t be around. I want to do an experiment.

There is a very small writing community on Twitch. And I wanted to do a project this year. Something different. I want to give streaming a try. While a pure visual art stream is out, I want to do a writing stream. Or in my case an editing stream.

Basically, my plan is to set it up where you aren’t watching me just edit, but to set-up writing and editing sprints. Where the view will kind of just work on their project for say 30 min sprints and then take a 10 min break or so, then another 30-minute sprint. Save I’m doing this with editing so I can get it done. While I like editing in shaping my story, I hate editing in terms of getting wording right. It is exhausting. I might do some art or something else between sprints, I’ve not decided yet. So that’s something to look forward too.

That I will link to in the future when I have everything set-up in terms of schedules and what not.

For RoyalRoad readers, I’m likely to move platforms because of the lack of interest in my writing. And granted, normally numbers don’t bother me. I’m writing niche of niche. No matter where I go, I’m not going to get a lot of reads. However, I reached a low threshold that even I cannot ignore.

I can either keep everything here and get lost in the wave of stories the audience here likes, or I can move to a platform more accepting of slower paced and slower shorter works. So as stated, Eroden likely will not be posted here on RoyalRoad unless the Hy’Ruh-Ha 5.0 does good in my metric. However, if it does terrible as Changes has, I will be eventually removing everything. There is no point in having two different version of the same stories up with no one reading them. There will be plenty of warning, links to the new home. As of right now, HoneyFeed is going to likely be the new home platform wise.

For WordPress, I’m going to be building a new website to host the stories on Wix. I cannot deal with WordPress anymore. For me to post my work, I copy-paste into WP editor. And if you’ve not noticed, WP editor is a janky mess. It is more difficult for me to post a chapter on WP than it was before. I don’t even like editing in it. I hate it all around.

Eventually, for the actual domain, I hope to have that redirected. That site will be the one hosting Eroden. This wordpress will likely eventually close once I have all the newer versions of the Archive up.

And once again, thank you all for reading. This is me going on radio silence. Hopefully, a lot will be done by December. That’s when you’ll likely see me posting things again.

-J.W. Anders