Wolf Reflection and News

Hello, greetings everyone. I think I should first say, yes despite me not slapping a “the end” at the end of Wolf, we’ve reached the end. Now it’s time fore reflection.

So why did I write it?

Simple, I wanted to because the end of Hy’Ruh-Ha gave me no room to have Soletus and Oeric reconcile. I mean yes, I could’ve let the ending hang or go through the events in the next story, but I didn’t want to do that. As mention, the ending I went with wasn’t the original ending where they did. After finishing that draft, I decided to change it after a week because it wasn’t a good ending. It was basically, “No hard feelings, Papa” and I didn’t think that worked.So I wrote Wolf.

One might’ve thought I could’ve delved into Soletus and Oeric a little more than I did, but this was Oeric’s story. He’s also a prominent character in all of this.

Oeric is part of Soletus’s life because it bothers me that in many stories that have a young protagonist their parents aren’t there. And I wanted to give Soletus’s father a little depth to him. And there was no room for this backstory in the novel. There was at the end but I ended up cutting as it was too much for Oeric to tell him at the time. And for something to cause Oeric this amount of shame, there is no way he would’ve easily told Soletus what I had him say. An even in the story, he doesn’t tell or share a lot of it.

If this has prodigal son vibes to it, yeah kind of. Not meaning to. That wasn’t the point when I wrote this as I was trying for another theme, but this is what I get for trying to force myself to work in themes. I think I was going for forgiveness and the story itself didn’t really allow for it.

What going to happen to Clincher? I assume most likely he’s going to be sent to the pit. They can’t exactly send him to the Pit for his past crimes. He did in fact kill people, but with no proof. However, he is wanted for elven exploitation, slave trafficking, and other crimes that won’t get you lynched, but your likely never to see the light of day ever again.

So what about the site?

I’ve one more novella to post and that’s by the title of Mask. It will be the last Soletus and Mien stories for awhile and I plan to start posting that near the end of December. Afterwards, this blog is going on a six month hiatus so I can get Fight Song ready. However, in the mean time, now that I’m done practicing uploading stories, I’m going to launching the actual web fiction I wanted to launch by the title of Risen. I should have that all ready by the beginning of the 2017. It’s a lot longer than Hy’Ruh-ha. Takes place in the same world, but is in 1st person and is narrated by Theris who is Mien’s mentee. There isn’t much of the Brotherhood in Theris’s tale.  It’s all about Theris actually and yes, I wrote this story before I wrote Hy’Ruh-ha, Wolf, Mask, and Fight Song. He had two side stories relating to Mien that I’m going to share most likely before I start on Risen. They shouldn’t spoil anything in Fight Song.

So this is the schedule:

  • Mask(Mostly about Mien and Kiao)
  • Homecoming(Theris narrating)
  • Resolution(Theris narrating)
  • Risen(This is going to take more than 1 year to post)
  • Fight Song

I’ve no idea what I’m doing to be honest.

That’s it for not, until next time,

-be at peace, God bless



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