The story told So far

I wrote this refresher to summarize what has happened so far for anyone who has read the first novel.

Do you need to read any of the stories to follow Edict?

It’s recommended especially to understand what’s going on with some of the characters. And as I said, these summaries aren’t detailed at all. There are a number of things I don’t mention in them. If I did, this summary would be ten pages long and I just wanted to devote a couple paragraphs to Hy’Ruh-Ha and the follow-up novellas.

Hy’Ruh-Ha: novel one

Hy-Ruh-Ha is a story that follows Warder Soletus’Sheldmartin. A tod(male teenage elf) and him trying to help a troubled minor noble boy by the name of Mientheoderic’Cyan or for Mien for short. He’s a budding chanter and thus the Brotherhood intervened in his trial after he is charged with attempted murder.

Soletus’s job is to get him talking again and calm him from being the anxious nervous mess that he is so he can face the Arbiter in several months. However, Soletus has his own issues with his father, Master First Warden Oeric’Sheldmartin who is the son of the Arch Monk Solgard’Sheldmartin. Oeric is being to protective of his son and keeping him from becoming a warden for The Dias Brotherhood.

After many weeks of hard work along with the help of Soletus’s cousin Lyndon and Kiao the chanter priest, Mien is called earlier in front of the Arbiter and everything is going poorly until the call Soletus to speak. The tod saves his life and Mien’s custody is handed over to the Brotherhood.

Soletus still need to deal with his father who’s actions have frustrated the young tod to the point that he challenges him to a Hy’Ruh-Ha to prove himself. His father is very hesitant but accept the challenge after Soletus’s pushing. The fight goes poorly and his father win injuring him badly as his father was being overly aggressive for such a contest. Turns out his father has been keeping the fact that he used to be a blood sports fighter from him and it still affects. Soletus relationship with his father hits rock bottom. Oeric’s being sent away and Soletus is allowed to continue his progress in the order unimpeded.

Wolf: novella one

Wolf takes place several months after Hy’Ruh-Ha and follows Oeric who spends a lot of time reflecting on who he is as an individual and if he deserves everything he has been given. Not to mention he needs to talk to his son about everything that’s happened as well as share a bit more about himself.

However, before he gets a chance to see where they stand with each other, a person from his past shows up. His old handler, Clincher threatens the new life he’s made. Oeric, terrified, goes out to try to “deal” with the problem only to realize he isn’t thinking straight and tries to fix it. Then Soletus comes to his rescue and gets in trouble himself causing Oeric to lose himself and nearly kills Clincher. Soletus stops him and Clincher is taken in custody, and Oeric reveals how terrible his days as blood sports fighter was.

Basically, the story is a character study, J. Ander isn’t sorry for it she enjoyed writing this story a whole lot.

Mask: novella two

Takes place 4 years after the events of Hy’Ruh-Ha. Mien has adjusted very nicely in the priesthood and works in the infirmary as junior apothecary. All isn’t peaceful there as the infirmary is dealing with break-ins of someone taking their blighter. A powerful painkiller but also a very addictive substance.

A blighter addict is brought into the infirmary and starts fighting them and draws a boot knife on them all. Kiao is cut and Mien takes care of him. He then finds out that Kiao isn’t a young man but a young woman disguised as a male so she could help the order. Not only does the entire infirmary staff know, but Brother Hickory was the one who brought her into the all-male order..

Kiao becomes concerned with an influx of townsfolk, mostly children, who are being are being taken to them with blighter in them. He decides to help her figure out who is distributing blighter. Mien ends up finding out where it’s being made and Soletus, Lyndon, and Kiao join him in investigating. They find the peaceguard responsible for the blighter and a drass beast. Kiao is injured and is taken to the Sheldmartin home so she can heal her back. She asks Mien to dual heal with her and during the progress, Mien opens up a timber bond between him and Kiao. He’s not comfortable with it but Kiao wants to see what happens.

Unmasked: novella three

Story is about Kiao and her dealing with being Kiao. Takes place a couple of months after mask and Kiao is uncertain about a lot of things. She worried her experiences in the Sisterhood would repeat themselves in the Women’s Society. She’s not sure how to deal with her bond with Mien as she questions her decision because she’s a huge crush on Soletus and it isn’t going away.

However, she needs to learn to get over it after Soletus confides to her that he believes he’s neth(a elf who is asexual in nature.) Being neth is more acceptable if your female elf and Soletus fears the repercussions from it mainly his parents. Kiao, forever the priestess, puts asides her personal feeling for him and ressures him she doesn’t care. Soletus is internally grateful.

Kiao continues working with the women’s society and gets called out to help Edithlyn, the wisewoman with a birth. The birth ends in death of the mother and baby. The family isn’t happy about it and the Patriarch, Lord Kharis’Gyrafalcon, steps in and ends the feud. However, he talks to Kiao alone about a letter he received after pleading to the Sisterhood for a priestess to help the Women’s Society months ago. The letter names her as a priestess they already have. Unable to get he way out of it, Kiao admits to being a young woman.

The Patriarch wishes for her to reveal herself instead of being outed. He wants the Brother and Sisterhood to become one again. For that, he needs women in the order. He gives her a set amount of time to do so. Kiao lets Lyndon talk her into showing herself during morning breakfast. The three heads get called, everyone is explained why her presence is there and the Arch Priest has known since he met her that she was a girl and never said a word until the time came. He allows her to stay, Mien and her bond is revealed and the other priests don’t care for it. However it is what is and Kiao and Mien move a step-forward in their relationship.



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