Author Update

Dear reader,

If you’ve noticed, updates for the Archive have been a little inconsistent. I’m not updating on the days I should and while there is a chapter, it might not be on Thursday. The last handful of chapters just needed extra attention on my part.

That being said, the story is about to come to a close. The Archive itself isn’t done. However, this novel will be. Since I went out of town last weekend, it affected my work and I lost some days of writing and editing. Needless to say, I’m now even more behind. This week I’m skipping an update. However, next week, I plan to close the story. I’m going to update the last four chapters starting Monday until I run out of chapters and then I’ll write a sort of postmortem which is just a rambling of my thoughts about the current novel, and boy do I have thoughts.

As far as the plan goes afterwards, dear readers, I need a break. I do have stories lined up, however, too keep myself from getting mentally exhausted with this. I want to take a couple of months off.  3-4 depending what time I need. I want to enjoy the remains of the summer and I want to write without having deadline hang on me and maybe, just maybe, get some editing done on the whole of the archive. However, I just need some time to step away and breath.

That is all.

-Until later,  God Bless.


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