Update: Almost There

Greetings everyone:

My summer was…uh…it was hot. It was actually pretty anticlimactic with me reading most of the time because honestly, to keep myself writing, I need to be reading something I forget and don’t always feel like doing. Anyway, so what’s up?

I have figured out when I want to post the next stories in the archive. It’ll likely be that the week of October 19th.

So yeah, I’m trying to give myself enough time to edit this time around.

In the meantime, here is a preview the cover image for the next story below. I still need to work on some details and adjust the colors. Especially the typeface. I just needed to add it in, so I know where it sits visually. The image is of Soletus in a dress uniform.

Here’s a fun fact: Like writing,  Soletus is not an easy character for me to draw and color. His build throws me off a lot. Most of the colored drawings I have of him in the past, I hate because of his hair color not being right. This was achieved with me finding a good hair color swatch gradient I could study.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I will see you guys later.


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