Okay, deep breath has been taken. Break had been taken and my mind is now clear. Or how clear as it can get.

How’s it going? Good? Terrible? Well here’s a silly drawing of Soletus eating a bun.


Anyway, here are the place. The Sun and Stars is taking a bit of time because, to be honest, I really wasn’t writing these last few weeks. Seriously, I just needed to not be writing. I could feel the edgings of a burnout. I was getting unhappy again. And believe me, while pressing through writing works for like 90% of the time in writing. There is just the 10% that pressing on is detrimental. I was in that 10%, and I rather stop something before it gets bad, and I can’t write for like months on end.

But, I do have two short stories that are basically ready for posting. They were part of a larger story that I was planning on posting, I just couldn’t organize the other stories. However, to make everything makes sense in my head of a future endeavor, I kind of need a bit of foundation. So those stories are going to be added. Then we get to the Sun and Stars and then Changes will be completed. And I will be moving on to editing as well as writing a new novel.

But for now, new updates start next week.

Feb 25th.

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