Author’s Note

Author Note(Updated 4/15/2018)


I feel there are things that I need to say about this novel before I release it out to be read. This is a fantasy novel. I claim it to be so because fantastical things do happen in this novel. It’s a fantasy setting with the characters being a fantastic race but that’s about how much fantasy you get. If you want to read about wise elves and humans as the main characters going on an adventure and a love story with a villain trying to take over the country/kingdom with dragons, look elsewhere. This isn’t that kind of story. This story is different. I mean for what I normally have written in the past, it’s different. Compared to what I read in fantasy fiction, it’s different. And it makes me nervous because it is. Yes, I know being a self-conscious writer posting on the internet is a good idea, but this is a story that needs to be told.

This is a slice-of-life fantasy novel or who knows what. Because to be honest, I’m not sure what it is. It’s some slice-of-life elements where while the setting is high fantasy, but the story is almost mundane. It’s almost low fantasy in that the scope is rather limited but it’s not dark but it isn’t light fantasy in that the it’s not completely light-hearted. And after yeas for struggling with genre, the story remains just fantasy. Cross genre fantasy. It’s like some strange hybrid, a mutt story. So completely crossed with so many things that it’s it’s own thing. It’s fantasy-not-fantasy. I’m determined to make this a thing.

Where did this story come from?

I started a fantasy novel called Risen some years ago and it was about a young Elven man named Theris and the book is being written like a memoir that it covers a certain time frame of his life. However, its a very long story and it took me a while to work on it. However, while writing it, I wrote this story as a side story covering when his mentor and his friend met each other. Both helped “raise him” as he sees it. I finished it first and I wanted to share it for experimental reasons.

The narrator for Risen, Theris, isn’t born yet and the main character of this novel is supporting cast. Because of this it feels like I might’ve posted the wrong novel first. Not to mention I fear it might be boring. Something that I lean on being YA fantasy doesn’t exactly do what a lot of YA novels do in general. The thing is, I didn’t go out of my way to write this story to be different. I just wrote a story that I thought needed to be written and I wanted to read something like this.

The idea originally was supposed to be a short story and an exercise to develop the main character of this story for other uses. However, when I got to what is now the content of the chapter titled, “Not So Easy” I didn’t end it. That was the actual end, but  I didn’t think the story was finished. There was more to be told and I went forward. I added things in and end up with the first draft. Normally when I write a novel and I start into the editing phase, often time I read the story to conclude whether the novel is worth spending a vast amount of time editing. Normally, I don’t go into editing and take what I can learn from the writing experience. This is the reason why the majority of what I write is never seen by the eyes of another person. However, with Hy-Ruh’ha, that didn’t happen. There was never a moment where I didn’t think this story to be unsalvageable. I find that really odd, but I figured after years of writing, I had to get to this point sometime.

What I’m presenting is the forth draft of the story edited. So the work is completed, but not finished. There isn’t much that is subject to change, mostly probably the wording of things and errors correction.

Okay, now that you’ve been informed,enjoy.


-J. Ander