Character Interview: Soletus

Please note: I wrote this mostly for fun. As a character exercise. I’m still working on Fight Song. I just needed a break to work on silly things. Enjoy.

Ander: Hello, greetings and salutation wonderful readers. Because I have nothing else to post on the site, I thought I would do a character interview of a main character of my choice from the Brotherhood Archive. Please note that this interview is only based on what has currently happened which is everything up to the events of Unmasked. This session we will start with Soletus’Sheldmartin,

Soletus: (The tall and rather study looking young elf, waves his hand slow with his blue eyes searching the blankness around him.) Greetings?

Ander: Now Soletus, I devised a series of question, that I certainly didn’t think up of on the top of my head, that you will be answering. All in all, we will be covering some personal and difficult question in the pursuit of knowledge. Do you agree?

Soletus: Depends.

Ander: Uh, this is a yes or no thing.

Soletus: Well, it’s only fair that you tell me what sort of personal things you’re going to ask. Tell me that and I’ll agree.

J.Ander: Why are you being difficult?

Soletus: (His lips slip upward into a teasing grin) And who made me that way?

J.Ander: (sigh)

Soletus: How about this, you make this less uncomfortable and I might answer a question or two.

A tall table pops into existence in front of Soletus and to his side a warm hearth appears casting the area in a low amber light. The stool he’s on turns into an armchair with a high back. On the table appears tea pot and a tea cup, as well as a basket of various flavors of honeybuns.

Ander: Is this worth a few or so question?

Soletus: (He tilts head and lifts a honeybun and turns it in his hands) What’s this?

J.Ander: It’s a honeybun, a type of pastry with cinnamon and glaze. One of the many not so healthy treats of the real world. No the wrapper isn’t edible.

Soletus: (Fiddles with the wrapper and tears open packaging. Takes bite out of the honeybun. His eyes open wide with delight of a child and stares at the basket) Totally worth it, ask away.

Ander: These questions are going to be put online-

Soletus: On-line?

Ander: The internet. It’s a place of information. Just like the stacks under the Brotherhood but with cat videos. I share your stories on it. This interview is going up on there as well. So is this okay?

Soletus: Cat videos?

Ander: I’ll show you after the interview.

Soletus: Ooo-kay fine. Ask away.

Ander: Let’s start with something very simple. Your name. How do you pronounce it, it’s meaning, and where does it come from.

Soletus: Sol-tus. The “e” is silent. It’s an old world name that means sun rock or bright rock. As for my surname, it’s sheld-martin. Like the bird. It’s a martin that’s has purple feathers with a white spot on its forehead shaped like a shield. My friends and family call me Sol. I don’t care either way. I answer to both. I was named after my late uncle. I never met him. He died way before I was born. I mean it’s common for the Fen to name their children after a dead family member.

Ander: Being named after your Uncle must make it hard for you. He left quiet the legacy behind.

Soletus: (He wipes his hands off on the legs of his trouser and then sees the napkins and picks on up belatedly.)  Most people are focused on me not being my father, but I have heard stories of my uncle. He was a strong monk and was a master, a field warden, and even served as an enforcer. He was a representative and often spoke for my grandfather. The people loved him, as he was willing to do anything for them. Many first wardens miss him. From what I gathered, he sounded like the great and glorious golden elf.

Ander: I know that’s not a term of endearment. Care to explain it for those who don’t?

Soletus: The “golden elf” is an elf whose good looking, acts perfect, and is often shown to other to impress. However, they often have a rotten, but no one cares because they perform something useful perfectly. My uncle never treated my father well.

Ander: In what way?

Soletus: From what I gathered, he valued strength the wrong way. He saw a lot of weakness in Papa and tried to force him into his vision of what is strong. Papa ran away because of him and Grandpa, at the time, saw nothing wrong with it.

Ander: So, in your eyes, there is a right and wrong way to value strength. Why do you believe that? I know you value strength. Go out of your way to be physically stronger and even mentally strong to an extent.

Soletus: Strength is something you build in yourself and inspire in others. That’s what Dias says for monks. My going out of my way to be physically strong is something I like to do because I’m a grappler, you need strength, speed, and stamina to do that. Not you also have to be mentally strong to do it. Fear is a strong emotion and you have to control it. You can’t panic because it means life or death for you, your bandmates, and the people around you. And I don’t expect others to have that kind of strength. You can’t force a person to be you. That’s where my uncle was wrong.  He wanted to force Papa into having the strength of a grown man like him and not building the skills he did have little by little.

Ander: You show maturity there for an elf your age. Do you feel that the young male elves you know think as you do?

Soletus: Most young men my age don’t think at all and Papa might argue you on calling me mature.

Ander: Do you think you are?

Soletus: I reckon I could be.

Ander: Speaking of Oeric, how are you and your dad?

Soletus: (He rubs the back of his neck.) Yeah, we’re getting along but…”

Ander: But…

Soletus: Being around him is strange now. Partly because I’ve started paying attention to him. I did before but not in the same way. I mean, I never knew anything about him other than he’s my father and he’s protective, he’s strict, and likes to butt in when he doesn’t need to.

Ander: So he really never tell you anything about his past?

Soletus: (Bobs his head and selects another honey bun.) He hinted around to things and made statements I didn’t give much thought to them. I only recently discovered looking at my parents as people.

Ander: Why’s that?

Soletus: Because they’re my parents and it never occurred to me that they were deeper than that. Plus I was awkward as a boy. A late bloomer as they say. I wasn’t good at speaking. I was so reserved Papa wanted me to wait at least another two years before I answered the call. I didn’t want to and I think he agreed to it because he had a monastery full of people to watch out for me.

Ander: At that was at the age of 15. You know, you spent a long time training between the time you joined and when you met Mien.

Soletus: Because it isn’t all physical training.  All members must know how to read, write, and do proper arithmetic before you can start warder training. Even then you still have to learn Brotherhood history as well elven history, more detail about the Seat and history of all the ruling houses.  Some of it is taught at school houses but you get into more detail in the Brotherhood. Not only that, you study Dias’s word and field knowledge, and learn the proper conduct of a monk. Then you can choose a language to study.

Ander: You speak another language.

Soletus: I know Sutter’s Elvish which is a mix of Elvish and Suttish which is the most common human language. Sutters is more of a dialect that a lot of half-elves speak. There is a half-elf commune near Arbortown as well as the southern edge of the province. It helps when you can actually understand what they’re saying. I’ve actually had to act as translator a few times. Most tend to take the simplest of language to get it done and that’s Kanu. It’s nearly the same as Elvish but there aren’t a lot of Kanu around us and most speak Elvish anyway.

Ander: So did you ever struggle learning in school or were you a smart student.

Soletus: I was very smart about staying average or above at everything. Papa would let me be stupid in any shape or form.

Ander: That sounds rough.

Soletus: Yeah and it was tiring at times. He told all the master never let me slack off. I was always the one they called on and they were quick to praise and criticize anything that I did. A lot of the boys around me often thought I liked the attention and didn’t like me. They teased me but honestly, it was easier to ignore them and do my work and train well than me goofing off with them and it going back to Papa. He would give me more work until I improved.  If it got to my grandfather, I had an extra person lecturing me aside from Papa, Mama, and whoever was teaching me.

Ander: Didn’t try to explain that to your peers?

Soletus: (He lets out a short laugh) No, because I just lacked confidence. I wasn’t shy like Mien, but it was hard to speak my mind. The older I got, the easier it became. For those who knew me and hadn’t talked to me in a while were always unbalanced by it. I got a lot of looks when people realize I actually had a voice and I could use it.

Ander: And yet with all this gained skill, you’ve not used it to tell your parents about being neth.

Soletus: (He shifts in his seat and looks away.) Sometimes we think we change as a person but deep down, we’re still the same. Telling my parent things terrifies me when I know they won’t be happy with it just like when I was a boy.

Ander: You really think they’ll have a problem with it and disown you?

Soletus: Maybe to the disowning. I don’t really know. They’ve never said anything to my knowledge about being neth. All they know is what they know and that makes it more likely they wouldn’t understand at all.

Ander: You know, elves have the ability to be willing to understanding. They are both sympathetic and empathic beings. You demonstrated that ability yourself when it came to Mien.

Soletus: True.

Ander: I know what will make you feel better.

A tablet appears on the table and is playing a video of kittens playing compilation.

Soletus: (Studies the tablet in front of him for a moment before his attention is caught by a kitten attacking another and smiling a little.)  I won’t question the fact you have what appears to be moving pictured on a flat device but I guess cat videos are cute.

Ander: I think that concludes our interview. Is there anything you wish to say?

Soletus: No, So people watch these moving pictures for just cats?

Ander: No, they do for other things. Everything really. If it can be recorded they watch it.

Soletus: What about fighting? Like practicing combat or shows of strength.

Ander: You’re so predictable.

Screen changes to MMA fighting.

Soletus:(Delight spreads on his face once again. Picks up tablet from the table as well as a honeybun for he settles down in his chair.)

Ander: Well out subject has gotten comfortable and I will write another one of these in the future as I’ve nothing else to do.