Thoughts On: Homecoming

Late I know, but I wanted to think about a few things last week. Mostly about what I wanted to say this week. There really isn’t much to say here only that to be honest, if it weren’t for Homecoming, Hy’Ruh-Ha wouldn’t exist.

This story was written when I was in the middle of writing the first half of Risen. Mien at the time was a secondary/support character who went into many iteration before I settled on who he was today.

The one iteration he maintained was a priest who well, wasn’t that great of a priest. He was rough, gruff, and honestly probably a bit of an ass given how straightforward and often blunt he could be. I think he would even drink very often. A juxtaposition of a priest. However, the problems came with his personality because, Risen wasn’t the story it started out being. It went from a tale about life not being fair to basically forgiveness. And thus I saw a problem with Mien. Theris as a character wouldn’t respect someone so abrasive as that Mien.

So I examined, well, what would make a priest not seem like a great priest? Did I have to go from one extreme to make a contrast? Who would Theris find respectful? And I came up with a Mien, a character who became more than what he started out. Someone who got a second chance and tried his hardest to improve and keep improving. Someone, mortal in this world or human so to speak. Theris would look up to someone who for all his flaws, tried.

When I wrote Homecoming, this was my exploration into the backstory that made Mien this character Theris would mention quite a bit before I introduced him.  The story was a bit of an exercise on who he was and trying to write a story in a world where I’ve not given a great deal of context.

After I wrote this story, I wrote another one titled Resolution. I felt that I didn’t resolve the situation with Lord Hugh.  It wasn’t part of the story. That’s not why I sat out to writing. As of right now, I don’t know if I should post it because it’s a bit of a spoiler.

Anyway, it was the first story that I got to feature Soletus who to be honest, hadn’t gotten much characterization to that point. And that was the problem, I didn’t know how to write him. So in the attempt of getting him a little more character in a side story, I wrote what would become the first four chapters of Hy’Ruh-Ha to get me started. And it’s all downhill from there folk.

Now, dear reader, I’m not sure what to do next. You see, I’m between stories right now struggling with a re-write. I’ve nothing to post that wouldn’t leave me telling too much. My saga is written in the wrong order and in two different POV’s. I’m cooking up something, so I may have a little something silly next week to fill the time as I try to finish Fight Song.

-J. Ander