Message from J. Ander



Greetings, to whomever will be reading this. I’ve  five  announcements to make.

One, Hy’Ruh-Ha will be on a two chapter update schedule until the end of the story. That means for the next two week I’ll be updating two chapters for the next two weeks. That means the end of this particular tale of Soletus’s and Mien’s. And that takes me to point two. So I’m on a Tues and Thurs schedule.

Two, after Hy’Ruh-Ha is complete. I will be posting a follow-up story tilted Wolf. It is a rather short story. Probably 4 or 5 updates worth.

Three, after Wolf is completely posted. Then I will post a bridging story by the title of Mask after that.

Four, I will be taking a break after that so I can finish the actual “sequel” to Hy’Ruh-Ha that takes place 6 years after the events in the story. I don’t know how long the break will be. What I’m hoping Wolf and Mask will give me enough time to get everything complete.

Five, more stuff to come. Basically, moving all my creative endeavors to WordPress.

I will be spending a little more time trying spruce up this site. I’m still editing parts. Actually…that’ll be a never ending process.