Character information is currently kept simple some of it is Spoilery at the point.

The Cast of the Archive


Dutiful, respectful, and kind are the words used to describe Soletus. However, even nice boys have their issues. His problems extends from a well meaning awkward and stern father. However, just because Soletus is all those things doesn’t mean he can’t be cocky and down right nasty if you rub him the wrong way. Very few people have managed to get on his bad side but, for some reason the author likes throwing them all at Soletus to deal with.

Fun Fact: Soletus is color blind. Also hinted at it a bit in story but also suffered from having a bad body image of himself thinking he’s too fat when he was younger. He was chubby as a boy and far too many people, save his father, got on him for it.


Repressed, nervous, strange, and shy is what people see once they get over that small detail about his attempt at murdering his brother. All these things however hide a brave and loyal heart. Is nearly intelligible when upset. Introverted, emotional and odd at times because of his timbre sensitivity. It’s a thing that effects him on an emotional and physical level.

Fun Fact: Mien favorite time of year is winter and he likes spiders. As a boy he would go spider hunting with his sister and they would collect them. Often time releasing the largest of their prey on the servants.

Brother Hickory’Thrush

Mien’s mentor and old priest of the Dias Brotherhood. His duty is to help and console trouble members of the Brotherhood.

Fun Fact: Brother Hickory is divorced. He was married to a woman in a forced arrangement to cure him of being neth. It worked out poorly and is the reason why he joined the Brotherhood.


Soletus’s lively cousin and best friend. Both grew up together and act very much like brothers. Lyndon, however, has a bit of vicious side. He is known as the Brotherhood Prankster. Most of the warders and Junior wardens know who he is and just don’t voice this knowledge to appropriate authorities.

Fun Fact: Lyndon only joined the Brotherhood so Soletus wouldn’t have to be alone.


As Lyndon put it a “pity friend” of him and Soletus. Doran can be a good person but often times is overshadowed by his selfishness. He doesn’t like Mien for reasons yet to be stated. Jealous of Soletus for reasons yet to be stated. And overall, that person who complains on the job  you don’t like but have to work with them anyway.

Fun Fact: Doran family line, Shrike, has been in the Brotherhood just as long as Sheldmartain has.

Master First Warden Oeric’Sheldmartin

Soletus’s unyielding father with a troubled and vague past. He doesn’t want his son to repeat it. However, one can take such desires a little too far. He’s also poor communication skills do to the fact he likes to keep distance between him and everyone around him that isn’t his wife. He’s some personal issue with his self-worth due to…spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, and isn’t a bad person. Just has moments of poor judgment.

Fun Fact: J. Ander doesn’t know how old Oeric actually is. He’s younger than you think, but old enough to have seen things. Also, Oeric is technically Solgard’s 4th child.

 The Arch Monk(Solgard’Sheldmartin)

He is a firm but fair as the Arch Monk of the Dias Brotherhood should be. He is over the defense and safety of the citadel which mean all monks answer to him at the end of the day.


The son of a noble now member the Brotherhood as a chanter priest. He’s taken the role of a chanter as a bittersweet thing but he loves his duty in the infirmary. In fact, he seems to run the infirmary despite the fact the Elder Brother Oli is in charge. Kiao’s young with a lot of energy and objective. Very objective until that healer’s sense gets in the way and Kiao, being Kiao has to fix it or heal it.

Fun Fact:[Spoiler]:Kiao is actually a young woman.

Extended Cast


Soletus mother. She means well but doesn’t appear to have a grasp of her son. She also runs the women’s society with Maelyra.

Fun Fact: Cordea hasn’t spoken to her mother or her two other brother’s since Fern was born when the woman attempted to get her to leave Oeric. She’s very much alive but her and and her father’s hatred of him keeps them away. Most due to the fact they didn’t want her to get married to him. Not that they had a stable relationship in the first place.


Soletus’s older sister. Not the closest siblings but she supports her brother when he needs it.

Fun Fact: Fern is the one who started the huntress mostly against her mother’s wishes.


Soletus’s other sister.  She’s just a baby.

Master Second Warden Tyr’Gryfalcon

Oeric’s friend and fellow master. Soletus ends up in his tutelage.

Fun Fact: He’s also Lord Kharis’s cousin. Not a close one but close enough. His family aren’t the head of house like Kharis’s mother.

First Warden Kellas

Another member of the Brotherhood with a colorful and questionable methods of doing what needs to be done. Oeric doesn’t care for him. They used to be very good friends but something happened.


Mien twin sister and opposite of him in personality, but at the same time, they are very much alike.

 Lady Lass’Cyan

Mien and Mienerva’s mother. She made a number of hard, one might say unwise, decision in life at the price of her children’s safety.


The mean cousin stepbrother thing.

Lord Hugh’Cyan

The mean uncle stepfather thing. Basically, he’s drug addict.

Lord Kharis’Gryfalcon– Patriarch of the Dias Brotherhood. A young and wise man. Albeit forgetful with objects and does his best to avoid the noble stereotype. He is historically, in the Brotherood, the youngest patriarch to hold the role. He earlier took a stance of letting both the Arch Monk and Arch Priest handle their perspective roles without him meddling. However, he changes that stance as his ambitious and desires the Dias Brotherhood to take on certain aspect of their roots. Also, if he doesn’t like it, he will tread toes.

Fun Fact: Kharis is older than Maelyra.

Lady Maelyra’Gryfalcon– Maelyra runs the Women’s Society in town where they help families, support women, and enjoy cake with tea. Overall, she a joy to be around as being around other nobles her adult life hasn’t stopped her from caring about commoners.

Fun Fact: Maelyra is Oeric’s confidant as he is hers. Also, she’s the one who originally calls him Orrie to keep the other women in the Society from being intimated by him.

Briar’Gryfalcon– Kharis and Maelyra’s daughter. She grew up in a commoners world and had no love or place in the world of nobles. She wants nothing more than to stay were she’s at and works with the Women’s Society’s huntress. Another piece of Kharis’s ambition. She also did a goo job of terrorizing Soletus when he was young making her a bully.

Fun Fact: Briar tried to disguise herself a boy to join the Brotherhood. She managed to get passed admissions before she was caught by Master Tyr.