Fenndishism was once known for being the principle religion of the Fen elves for many centuries after they broke away from their elven tribes splitting the race into the Fen and the Dyne.

The Fenndish Religion is believed to have been originated from the Kanu where elves derived from (Though most elves refuse to acknowledge this fact.)

Fendishism follows a monotheism teaching with their god being Dias. Dias is claimed by the Dyne, who believe in Diva and her many demi-gods, to be the demi-god of voice and song. Dias the demi-god is said to be male and is often depicted as a young man carrying a musical instrument of some kind.

Actual Fenndishism depicts Dias as neither male or female and speak of Dias without gender specific pronouns. Dias is simply known as Dias. Dias is drawn as a faceless elf with hair of light and eyes of every color. Many chanters have said to have heard the voice of Dias say Dias has the voice of every man, woman, and child.


Orthodox Fenndish– not very popular due to the teaching come off as being strict.

New Fenndish– takes a lot of what elves don’t like about Fenndishism. (Mostly the strictest of rules but mostly the pacifistic teachings are ignored)

Maidens of Dias– follow the teachings of the prophetess Lenneth. (Some would argue twist it.) They are led by a Matron Mother who is the keep of virgins. They do not marry and walk around in robes of pale yellow.

The Dias Brotherhood– An Orthodox Fenndish male order. They study teachings from all the prophets. Is a pacifistic order in that they don’t believe in war or killing.  The Brotherhood don’t use weapons made of black steel or any metal. All members do carry tao stone daggers for defense against drass beast. However, members vow to never use their weapons against an elf, human, or giant. The daggers are made out of tao stone and stains when it comes into contact with the blood of any creature with a soul. Many believe it’s only human blood.

The Brotherhood is led by a Patriarch, Arch Priest, and Arch Monk. Patriarch(traditionally) is seen as the head  while the Arch Priest is the hand of spirituality and the Arch Monk is the hand of strength.

The Dias Sisterhood– An all-female splinter group of the Dias Brotherhood. They are also Orthodox Fenndish for the most part. They follow all the same teaching except of a Patriarch they are led by a Matriarch. Arch Priest and Arch Monk are the same.  They are, however more devoted to a feminist teachings embracing all roles that women have and give them the power. Some might argue that the Brotherhood is devoted to masculine teachings. Unlike the Sisterhood, the Brotherhood acknowledges and teaches all of the prophets and prophetesses. The Sisterhood don’t regard many of the prophets including the Stephren who is wrote and outlined the principles monks follow. The shieldsisters of the Sisterhood follow teaching of Rancera who was a shieldsister and became the first Arch Monk of the Dias Sisterhood.

Other Facts

Two of the most recognized of prophets of Dias is Lenneth and Stephren. They were said to be companions traveling the known world together and sometimes separately. Lenneth was a chanter while Stephren was known as one of the first monks.

Lenneth though was the most wildly traveled of the bunch singing and teaching others about Dias. She was also was said to be the mother of neth elves. She wrote that Dias told her that she was a reflection of his mind and never sought out a made in all her 500 years of life. Some claim that Stephren was her mate and even wrote about her coming across Kanu town who accused the two of them being in an inappropriate relationship to undermine their teachings. Her reply to them was simply this: “He is a brother not only in spirit but in heart. I no more want to be with my blood brother than a sister would want to be with her blood brother. It wouldn’t be right.”

Stephren himself never mentioned a wife. He gives out principles of marriage but never in Dias’s Word in his book mention being married. And in all his books, it is never mentioned if he did or not. Some historians say there is enough evidence to suggest that he himself was neth as well. And Lenneth and he traveled together in companionship of two people who wondered around Though, I’m on the belief that he was too busy spreading the voice of Dias. He traveled around never stopping in city or territory for more than a year.  Not to mention, Stephren didn’t live as long as Lenneth. He was killed at the age of 168. A town had come under siege of followers of another god long forgotten during the centuries of war. While those in the village escaped into the night. Stephren stayed refusing to let a single soldier by and gave up his life. They say he left the world singing. The Fen Elf holiday, The Honor Moon, is said to be the period where he and the town held out from the enemy for days. And that the last day of Honor Moon, is the day of his death.