Hy’Ruh-Ha Chapters

Chapter 1: And So, They Met

Chapter 2: That Which is Fenndish

Ch. 3: Not so Easy

Chapter 4: Those Who Return And Those Who Leave

Chapter 5: The Offer

Chapter 6: The Difficult Truth

Chapter 7: The Bravery of the Meek

Ch. 8: Aftermath

Ch. 9: Winter and Summer Twins

Ch:10 Hy’Ruh-Ha

Ch. 11: Know Who Your Friend’s Are

Ch: 12 Confidence My Boy

Ch.13: Lies

Ch. 14 Admissions

Ch. 15: Growing Pains

Ch. 16 Animosity

Ch. 17: Cause and Effect

Ch. 18: A Strike Back

Ch. 19: Consequences

Ch. 20: Punishment

Ch.21: Reflection

Ch.22: The Test

Ch. 23: Summons

Ch. 24: Lady Lass

Ch. 25: Sheldmartin

Ch.26: What Happened

Ch.27: The Challenge

Ch.28: Preparation

Ch.29: Voice

Ch.30: Honesty