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Like Web Comics? So do I. Here is my reading list.

El Goonish Shive -about teenagers and magic and weird

Stand Still, Stay Silent-about a rag-tag group vs a dystopian world of monsters to find books

Faux Pas-about a fox and his crazy farm companions

Chirault– about a demon and a demon girl stopping bad things(complete)

Star Power -about a astronomer turned superhero

The Forgotten Order-about a faun girl and her magical doll

Earth Song-complete

Wilde Life-a young man goes west and encounters the supernatural

Two Kinds  -a very long tale

Fox and Willow – a young woman is stuck with a jerk of a fox spirit

Save State– about anthropomorphic brother and sister dogs who play video games

The Gamer Cat– about a cat who plays video games

Writing Related things:

20,000 Names– where I get my names and inspiration for names

TV Tropes– a time waster