Art Share #4

I’m currently on a break so I can do a little work on the next part ahead of time so I don’t panic and editing something I don’t like.

So instead of leaving you hanging here’s a silly character drawing I stated a month ago and finished with the aid of two Thomas Bergersen albums. I messed up a little something and had to walk away from it. I’m still not entirely happy with it. I was trying some things out with this one color wise. And I normally don’t draw pictures like this, but I wanted to try. This is a bit older Soletus than you guys are used too. He’s off duty, the hair goes down, and yes he’s very much aware of  how attractive he is at this point. He may in fact use it to his advantage to amuse himself for the greater good.

Why not draw him with braid as he wears it 85% of the time? Because that braid is a pain in the butt to draw. soletushairdown