Intermission Stories

Wolf is an intermission novella that takes place seven months after Hy’Ruh-Ha. Focuses on Oeric’Sheldmartin revealing a few things about his past.

Intermission: Wolf pt. 1

Intermission: Wolf pt. 2

Intermission: Wolf pt.3

Intermission: Wolf pt. 4

Intermission: Wolf pt. 5

Intermission: Wolf pt 6

Intermission: Wolf pt 7

Intermission: Wolf pt. 8

Mask is an intermission novella that takes place 4 years after the events of Hy’Ruh-Ha. Mien is the POV character, but the story is also about Kiao.

Intermission: Mask pt 1

Intermission: Mask pt 2

Intermission: Mask pt 3

Intermission: Mask pt. 4

Intermission: Mask Pt 5

Intermission: Mask pt. 6

Intermission Mask pt. 7

Intermission: Mask pt. 8

Intermission: Mask pt 9

Intermission: Mask pt 10

Intermission: Mask pt 11

Intermission: Mask pt 12

Unmasked, is an intermission novella that takes place a few months after Mask. Let’s say about two or three. Told in Kiao’s POV and is about Kiao. Basically, fluff because I just needed to write something fluffy.

Intermission: Unmasked Pt.1

Intermission: Unmasked pt. 2

Intermission: Unmasked pt. 3

Intermission: Unmasked pt.4

Intermission: Unmasked pt.5

Intermission: Unmaked pt.6

Intermission: Unmasked pt. 7

Intermission:Unmasked pt. 8

Intermission: Unmasked Pt. 9

Intermission: Unmasked pt. 10

Intermission: Unmasked pt. 11

Intermission: Unmasked pt. 12

Intermission: Unmasked pt. 13